Nokia technology appropriated by HTC

A German court has decided that Taiwan’s HTC misappropriated Nokia’s power saving technology.

Nokia has been having a field day with HTC claiming that it infringed more than 22 of its patents with some of its products.

The German courts are the East Texas patent case magnets of Europe and a popular venue for those who own a few patents and want to find a sympathetic court.

The former rubber boot maker, Nokia, is reported to be pleased with the decision and said that the patent HTC will have to pay out on refers to a technology for saving battery power while connected to a network.

HTC shrugged and said that its German business would not be be affected by the Mannheim regional court’s ruling as it covers only three handsets that  the company no longer imports into the country.

It will appeal the decision while continuing efforts to have the patent declared invalid by the German Federal Patents Court and the English Patents Court.

Nokia has asserted the power-saving patent against HTC in the UK and at the United States International Trade Commission. A hearing on that will take place in the United States to start in two months.

HTC has paid Apple a bomb to make sure that Cupertino leaves it alone in its thermonuclear patent war against Android.