Bill Gates won’t run for president

Ex-Microsoft founder and CEO, Bill Gates,  has ruled out ever running for political office.

There had been a few rumours that with his cash, Gates might make a run for president. After all he is a name and a known successful businessman and this country likes that.

Gates has also made it clear that he wants to change the world, and what better way to do that if you are sitting on the throne of the world’s largest empire?

However, Gates thinks that the office of president is over rated and he can have more of an impact on the world with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation than he would as a politician.

Gates told the Abu Dhabi Media Summit that his current role doesn’t require him to “try to get elected,” nor does it “have term limits of eight years,” as do some elected American offices.

He also does not have to waste time having to invade other countries looking for weapons of mass destruction. Drones are overkill for mosquitos.

According to the Mesh Report, Gates said that he will work full time for the rest of his life in philanthropy. That job does not rule out offering the US president advice from time to time.

In a wide-ranging talk, Gates discussed his foundation’s work fighting polio, and encouraged entrepreneurs to develop technology that helps both rich and poor.