Windows tablets will rule the world

While the rest of the world is not saying much about Windows 8 on tablets, it seems that it has found a loyal supporter in the analyst community.

So far Microsoft’s Surface tablets have missed sales expectations among average consumers, and Samsung pulled the plug on some of its Windows RT tablets.

But according to a white paper by Patrick Moorhead, former AMD executive and current analyst at Moor Insights and Strategy, Volish tablets will find their footing in the enterprise.

Moorhead wrote that tablets first penetrated the enterprise even though iPads were not ideal for the workplace. IPads were too expensive and only had limited enterprise features.

According to HotHardware this made them the rounded rectangle in a round hole.

However, now there are shedloads of lower-power tablets that run full versions of Windows 8 instead of a mobile OS hitting the market, and so options for companies are better.

He said that there were lots of advantages of Windows 8-based tablets over iPads. Firstly the batteries can be configured to last up to twice as long, and HP in particular lets enterprise customers replace the battery and PCB quickly.

Windows 8 tablets are compatible with Windows 7 and all of the applications and features that go along with it, and they offer “the same comprehensive PC enterprise features deployed and already in use by enterprises”.

iPads and Windows tablets cost the same although some of the Windows devices cost more up front. But companies save big bucks on the software management tools they need to buy versus iPads.

Moorhead wrote that Apple was in a precarious position of needing to add more robust enterprise features.

He recommends that enterprises “re-evaluate” their iPad pilots and deployments.

Moorhead said that Windows 8 tablets from the likes of HP, Dell, and Lenovo appear to be clearly better options in the enterprise.

One thing that is missing from the report is a recommendation for Microsoft’s own Surface machine, but Redmond, it seems, can’t have everything.