Apple refurbs start to hit the street

Consumers want cheaper tablets and even Apple has given in to the trend, with the introduction of the iPad mini last year. Now it is going a step further, by selling refurbished iPads online.

Appleinsider reports that Apple is already listing a number of refurbs in the US. For example, a black 32GB iPad mini with Wi-Fi and cellular is up for grabs for $429, while a Wi-Fi only 32GB white unit goes for $389. Fourth generation 9.7-inchers are also there. A Wi-Fi only 16GB Retina pad will set you back $449, while a black one with Verizon cellular is priced at $579.

Although they are refurbished, they are hardly bargains. Going for a refurbished iPad mini should save consumers $30 to $40 depending on the SKU, or $50 on Retina 9.7-inch models. They are still a lot pricier than brand new Android tablets, but there is a very good reason for that.

Apple still enjoys a comfortable lead in the tablet space, courtesy of its app ecosystem, which is second to none. Demand for Android tablets is going up, but consumers are going after cheaper models, not high-end gear with HD screens.