Pat Gelsinger won’t return to Intel – official

“Kicking” Pat Gelsinger has ruled out a return to his old haunts at Chipzilla as its new CEO.

Now the top bod at VMWare, Gelsinger’s name has been touted as a possible candidate to replace Paul Otellini, who retires in May.

Gelsinger is a 30-year Intel veteran who escaped and joined EMC in 2009. He was a number two at EMC before he took the VMware CEO job.

So common was the rumour that he was a likely candidate, he was cornered by  Wall Street Journal  hack Don Clark when he formally announced VMware’s expected moves into cloud computing.

Gelsinger said that he was “flattered” to be considered in the running such a great company as Intel.

However he said he was happy with his new job at VMware and wants to do it for years.

Named as potential CEOs are COO Brian Krzanich or Stacy Smith, Intel’s CFO and top strategy exec. Andy Bryant (pictured) has been a steadying hand on the Intel tiller and is a special advisor to the board – but he wants out. He’s had enough

There is a woman in the running, Renee James, who is executive vice president of Intel’s software and services group. She is seen as a long shot. The only reason is that Smith and James were promoted to cardinals in November which means that they could take a crack at Pope.

Chipzilla was first expected to hire an insider, but it now looks like the outfit is looking to headhunt a big name from the outside reality. Gelsinger would have been a “best of both worlds” candidate.