XPS 18 is Dell’s thinnest and lightest AIO

Dell has debuted a slick all-in-one computer at a $900 price point. The XPS 18 – which is slated to launch on April 16 – features an 18.4-inch capacitive touch display with a native resolution of 1920 x 1080.

Dell is touting the XPS 18 as the thinnest and lightest all-in-one desktop ever offered from the company, as it weighs under 5 pounds and is designed to be easily carried into different rooms of the home or office. Plus, the display boasts a pair of flip out legs – making it easy to prop up on a table or desk.

Dell says that the machine is over 6 pounds lighter and has nearly double the battery life compared to similar machines such as the Sony Tap 20, although the corporation declined to provide an exact number of hours. 

As expected, the computer runs Windows 8 and combined with the big touchscreen, users will be able to use the multitouch features Microsoft offers in its newest operating system. 
For use in desktop mode the all-in-one can be placed into a powered stand and paired with a wireless keyboard and mouse.

Unsurprisingly, Dell is keeping some details of the machine under wraps for now. We know it will be powered by Intel Core processors, but remain unsure about the range of SoCs that will be available for the XPS 18. It’s also unclear how much storage or RAM the machine will equipped with.