Star Trek man gets cyber stalked

UK Star Trek and Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch said that his new found fame has bought him a cyber stalker.

Cumberbatch told theDaily Telegraph he could not work out how details of his personal life were being tweeted and ending up all over the internet. The details included his movements around his London home. 

Putting on his best deer stalker he worked out that it was one of his neighbours who was putting up regular installments of his doings real time on a social networking site.

In the end he was thinking that he would have to call Inspector Lestrade of the Yard to help out. 

Cumberbatch said that it was a strange  thing to see these tweets saying what he was doing as he was doing them.

He found it worrying and after he worked out who it was who was doing it he did not have to call Lestrade but was prepared to do so.

Apparently the cyber stalker knows that he has been rumbled.

Cumberbatch  said that what was hardest to come to terms with was that an individual could look into his house, talk about him online, and think it a perfectly okay thing to do.

He is in for a rude shock.  When the new Star Trek flick comes out he will find a new brand of stalker will fill his life  — the Trekkie.  At least most of the Lord of the Rings stalkers will not be expecting him to really be Smaug, which is another role which should attract a fair share of nutters.