Microsoft open sources elements of Kinect

Proprietary software king Microsoft has open sourced some of the code for Kinect for Windows.

Microsoft has released 22 code samples for Kinect to CodePlex. It is not total open sourcing, but it is still fairly important.

The samples are available in C++, VisualBasic, and C# and allow elements as face tracking, depth of field, and audio capture/speech controls.

Developers who want to use the code will have to download VisualStudio, .NET, and the Kinect for Windows SDK.

Writing in the company blog, Ben Lower said that the goal of open sourcing some of its most interesting technology is for the company to get feedback and rapidly improve on Kinect and its software.

All the code samples are released under an Apache 2.0 licence and can be taken, reused, or remixed.

Microsoft is using a Git repository so it’s easy to clone and fork the code if required.

Microsoft recently released guidelines for gestural controls which are designed to help developers come up with gestures for the first time.