A Raspberry Pi powers this Bartendro

One of the things that has always most impressed me about bartenders is that they  often remember all the components that go into the mixing of a specific drink off the top of their heads.

Interestingly, a project recently turned up on Kickstarter known as the Bartendro, a device specifically designed to automatically mix complex drinks. 

However, rather than being a robot with arms, this is more like an automated system that reminds me somewhat of the beverage dispensers some McDonald’s restaurants employ where a person puts a cup down and the machine automatically drops the ice and the drink.

Bartendro was created by a company known as Party Robotics and uses a Raspberry Pi at its core. The device boasts a number of pumps, lots of food-grade tubing, and custom electronics designed to slurp liquids out of liquor bottles with accuracy to the millimeter. The machine does have a problem slurping up carbonated beverages at this time, so you won’t be getting anything mixed with Coke or a beer.

Bar patrons in an establishment that has a Bartendro mixing drinks would be able to access the machine via its own Wi-Fi network using a web-based interface and order whatever drink they desire. People will also be able to create their own customized mixes using the interface as well. The machine will keep reports for the bar owner showing what type to drinks were made and how much of the raw ingredients were used.

The individuals behind the project hope that enthusiasts will ultimately create their own accessories for the device such as breathalyzers or mechanisms for stirring and shaking mixed drinks. Kickstarter supporters can get a ShotBot with a single dispenser for $249, a Bartendro with the ability to mix from three different bottles costs $375, while a version supporting seven different liquors is $1199. The big daddy supports 15 different beverages and weighs in at $2499. The project is seeking a total of $135,000 and has raised over $20,000 thus far.