Sony teases PlayStation 4 UI

Sony officially unveiled its long-awaited PlayStation 4 game console at an event in NYC last week. The next-gen console is the successor to the stalwart PlayStation 3 and is expected to hit the streets towards the end of 2013.

Although we have yet to see what the finished console looks like, Sony has teased a number of features the next-gen system is expected to bring to the market.

As you may recall, quite a lot of those features are social in nature – allowing users to easily play video games together as well as share video, screenshots, and other data.

This week, Sony has offered up some previously unseen PS4 UI screenshots. One of the screenshots depicts the interface for smartphones that allows users to watch video and comment on videos.

The screenshots also show a menu where users can share individual screenshots, video clips, or broadcast live video to show off their gaming prowess. In addition, the screenshots also showcase the trim video interface – allowing users to crop the video they recorded to specific frames they want to share.

Personally, I like the idea that users can watch the live streaming video of a game directly on a mobile device, along with real-time stats.

Meanwhile, the home screen shows multiple tiles that alert you to comments left on posted videos, as the profile shows goals friends have reached and if any of them have managed to beat your score.

From what we can tell, it looks like the PlayStation 4 will be one of the most socially consicious game consoles ever sold.