2014 Chevrolet Impala protects data with a PIN #

Chevrolet has rolled out a rather interesting feature for its 2014 Impala.

Of course, the vehicle needs to be equipped with Chevy’s MyLink touchscreen-powered infotainment system which also doubles as a PIN pad.

“Valet mode is the kind of feature that Impala customers will appreciate,” explained Chevy rep Chris Perry. “It is one of many great new features on our newest MyLink and a small part of Impala’s overall technology package.”

Basically, the PIN pad accepts a four-digit code set by the vehicle owner. When entered, the vehicle automatically secures all data, making contacts and addresses unavailable until the correct code is entered.

It is probably also worth noting that Chevrolet also went James Bond and equipped the car with a clandestine storage space behind the touchscreen that opens when the proper code is entered – allowing drivers to securely store their personal belongings out of sight.

The above-mentioned touchscreen is an 8-inch unit located in the center stack of the vehicle. When the pin is entered, the screen slides up revealing the hidden storage space. Chevrolet says that it was able to add the storage space by moving the electronics required for the infotainment system from behind the display to another part of the car.

The Chevrolet MyLink system in the 2014 Impala is also customizable, allowing owners to click and drag icons on the home screen and choose from various skins.