Report: Au Optronics already working on next-gen iPad mini display

Apple supplier Au Optronics is reportedly working on designing display technology for Cupertino’s next-gen iPad mini.

As you may recall, we’ve heard rumors in the past claiming the next-generation iPad mini will move to a high-resolution retina display. Indeed, one of the biggest complaints about the iPad mini in the current iteration is that it uses a relatively low resolution display.

The latest rumor can be attributed to DigiTimes with a rather vague statement that AU is working on panels for follow-up to the current iPad mini. Nevertheless, earlier this month, supply chain reports indicate that AU has kicked off pilot production of retina panels for the second-generation iPad mini.

Analysts have also been expecting the upcoming mini tablet to boast high-resolution screen as Apple moves all of which products to retina displays. While consumers will certainly welcome a high-resolution screen, the new screen could add significantly to the cost of the device. Toe be sure, a number of industry sources have estimated that a version of the iPad mini with a retina display could boast a bill of materials over 30% higher than the current iPad mini.

A higher bill of materials would presumably mean that Apple would increase the retail price of the tablet. There’s also a few nuggets about the current generation iPad mini thrown into the mix. AU Optronics has reportedly put the yield issues behind it that has contributed to poor availability for the iPad mini. Apple reported earlier this week that stock had finally caught up with the demand for the iPad mini and the tablet is now showing up as in stock on the Apple website.