Arduino gets a Pinoccio microcontroller

If you’re a fan of DIY projects that involve Arduino, you might want to check out the new Pinoccio microcontroller.

This device was inspired by Arduino in an effort to offer a few more features to the DIY the mix. Indeed, the Pinoccio microcontroller shares the same ease-of-use and low-cost as Arduino, and is currently looking to raise funds to kick off production on Indiegogo.

Essentially, Pinoccio would feature a rechargeable battery, an integrated temperature sensor, and a built-in Wi-Fi radio allowing the device to communicate with other controllers nearby. The Pinoccio is impressively small, measuring roughly 2 inches long and about an inch wide. The developers of the project are seeking a cool $60,000. The microcontroller will be offered at $49 for version lacking Wi-Fi and $99 with.

Another interesting product for fans of Arduino? Well, those who wish their standard Arduino projects were a bit more permanent may want to check out what Permaduino has to offer.

To be sure, traditional Arduino projects are temporary in nature due to the design of the board. However, the Permaduino – which is on Indiegogo – is significantly more permanent. It uses an Atmega328P chip and draws power from a pair of AAA batteries.

The developer board itself is a 25-column breadboard with VCC and ground. The board also features FTDI, AVR-ISP, and a USB port. Fortunately, the device is small enough to fit inside an 8mm videotape case, making it relatively easy to find and enclosure.

Permaduino is seeking $12,000 and this far raised $1916 with 23 days to go on Indiegogo. A pledge of $30 will get a single Permaduino, if you need more than one, $75 will get you a three pack, and $225 a 10 pack.