TI’s Jacinto 5 SoC powers Audi MIB infotainment system

Automotive manufacturers are constantly working to improve the infotainment systems inside their respective vehicles. 

Such platforms typically provide critical navigation details, while entertaining the drivers and passengers on the road.Recently, Texas Instruments (TI) announced that Audi would be the first automotive company to integrate its  new Jacinto 5 processor and infotainment platform. 

Audi is using the Jacinto 5 processor to power its MIB Hi system, which includes a multimedia applications unit, along with an integrated radio and car control unit. 

Audi’s high-end infotainment system first debuted in the 2012 Audi A3 and has definitely evolved with TI’s ARM-powered Jacinto 5, which boasts multiple cores, flexibility and real-time signal processing. Essentially, the ARM cores manage the middleware, drivers, application stacks and digital signal processor.

The processor is also key to integrating a collection of automotive peripherals and connectivity options. TI says it collaborated with Audi and other automotive industry leaders to support the goal of designing the most advaced infotainment system possible with the current level of technology. 

“TI and Audi’s collaboration has produced a truly paramount automotive infotainment system,” said TI exec Matthew Watson. “Our scalable Jacinto 5 processing architecture enables Audi to equip consumers with leading-edge capabilities, without an on-going R&D investment for stable automotive features. The rich multimedia, high integration and extended lifecycle of the MIB High System will keep drivers and passengers entertained, informed and connected for the long run.”