Slick 3D printed robot makes Optimius Prime jealous

I’m sure I wasn’t the only child growing up in the 80s who wished he could own an actual robot like one of the Transformers.

Back then, the technology wasn’t around to create a fully-functioning robot capable of transforming between a car and a bipedal robot.

However, a company known as Brave Robotics recently managed to create a  3-D printed transforming robot. The robot – designed to autonomously switch forms between a bipedal robot with two arms and a car –  can be controlled by a Bluetooth PS3 controller in either mode.

When in robot mode, the robot can lift his arm and fire two little spring-loaded cannons on command from the remote control. The vehicle is also equipped with working lights and a Wi-Fi camera which allows the streaming of live video to an iPad.

It’s really quite impressive how quickly the robot is capable of transforming itself from one guise to another. Even more impressive? As noted above, it appears that all of the body panels of the robot and the car were created using a custom-built 3-D printer.

You have to watch the video above to get an idea of how intricate the transformation truly is.