Samsung touts advanced storage for slim smartphones and tablets

Samsung has rolled out its next-generation 64 GB embedded multimedia card (eMMC). Dubbed the eMMC Pro Class 2000, the 64GB cards are manufactured using 10nm class process technology.

According to Samsung exec Myungho Kim, the storage product is designed to use the eMMC 4.5 interface and the company plans on submitting the cards to the Joint Electronic Engineering Council for adoption as an industry-standard. Indeed, Samsung claims the eMMC 4.5 interface offers a 30% advantage in performance over previous iterations. 

The write speed on the new storage cards is 2000 IOPS for random writes and 5000 IOPS for random reads. Sequential read speed clocks in at a cook 260 MB per second with sequential write speeds at 50 MB per second.

Samsung says that performance is 10 times faster than a class 10 external memory card. The 64 GB eMMC Pro Class 2000 storage device measures 11.5 mm x 13 mm, which is a 20% reduction in size over the conventional embedded memory format measuring 12 mm x 16 mm. 

What does this mean for the average smartphone or tablet owner? Next generation mobile devices that are slimmer, with faster response time – both in terms of UI and data read/write.