Secret Labs launches Netduino Plus 2 dev board

If you’re the sort of geek who likes to kick off intricate DIY electronics projects, you are probably quite familiar with the original and uber-versatile Netduino Plus developer board. 

Well, the company behind the popular device – Secret Labs – has revamped the original dev board. Dubbed the Netduino Plus , the new version is both networkable and .NET capable. It boasts a processor that offers a 4x speed increase, operating at a cool 168 MHz. It also features twice the RAM of the original Netduino Plus at over 100 kB, which doesn’t sound like a huge amount of memory, but is definitely a significant improvement over the original.

The $60 Plus 2 offers 6x as much space for developers to store their code than the original with 384K bytes on the new device. Thanks to the extra storage space, the device is now packaged with OneWire and Time Server code – both of which are embedded in the firmware. Secret Labs also says there’s enough space to allow for expansion of the device over time.

Additional hardware specs include four serial ports, software control over at on shields (such as Rev C Arduino), along with a header that allows programmers to simultaneously debug and manage truly native code.