Raspberry Pi Model B doubles the RAM

The Raspberry Pi is one of the most popular dev boards on the market for both modders and mainstream tech enthusiasts.

The little boards, although recently introduced, have already gone through a couple of iterations. Back in September, the Raspberry Pi 2.0 was spotted in the wild, but that device didn’t boast hugely significant changes, except for the ability of the board to be powered by USB.

Enter the Raspberry Pi Model B. This version of the little mainboard is now shipping with 512 MB of RAM, as opposed to the previous 256 MB of RAM.

Doubling the amount of RAM available on the board will allow modders to expand the use for the board to things such as Java, which previously required more RAM than the board offered. And, as an added bonus, the new board with 512MB of RAM is still priced at a cool $35.

However, be warned:t the new Model B version of the Raspberry Pi has stock firmware installed that only allows it to see 256 MB RAM. Meaning, you’ll need to download updated firmware if you want the board to recognize all 512MB.

So kudos to the Raspberry foundation for doubling the RAM while keeping the price the same – and for rushing out the new firmware!