Windows 8 shows up early on HSN

Of all the places you might expect the latest technological advancement to show up first…the Home Shopping Network isn’t usually the first that comes to mind.

However, it is getting a lot of attention today after the TV network’s online store began accepting orders for all-in-one desktop PCs fully loaded with Microsoft’s new operating system Windows 8.

The new platform isn’t set to actually be available to consumers until the end of the month, and no other online retailer is advertising Windows 8-equipped PCs yet.

It should be noted that HSN’s offerings – which consist of an Acer and a Gateway model – do not necessarily ship immediately. As a result, buying one doesn’t mean an early Windows 8 unit. In fact, anyone who purchased one won’t get it until a week or so after the October 26 launch date.

However, even top Windows retail partners like Best Buy and Newegg are not advertising any sort of computer with the new OS, regardless of release date.

It seems like these HSN listings went up prematurely, and without the approval of Microsoft.

ZDNet quoted a Microsoft representative as saying, “Unfortunately, HSN made this offer without the support or authorization of Microsoft.”

The Windows 8 PCs are still listed on the HSN site but are no longer available for purchase.