Google eyes "smart glove" technology

Google is apparently eyeing a heavily augmented reality future with initiatives like Project Glass.

As we’ve previously reported, Project Glass is essentially a pair of glasses that overlays augmented reality details over what the wearer sees in the “real” world.

Interestingly, Mountain View was recently granted another patent for a new augmented reality device. Basically, the patent application details a “smart glove” of sorts that some industry watchers have compared to the device used by none other than Tom Cruise in the sci-fi Minority Report film.

Based on information gleaned from the patent submission, it seems that the gloves would include sensors, cameras, a processor, memory and networking capability. Yes, the patent outlining the gloves may seem rather futuristic at this point in time, but remember, Google also remains determined to market its equally futuristic Project Glass.

Google’s ultimate goal in terms of a smart glove remains unclear from the basic technology outlined in the patent. Personally, I can see the use of a smart glove as an easy way to interact with a virtual display or screen in tandem with Project Glass, say where gestures made with the gloves control various menus and functions.

Of course, the smart gloves could also be used in other settings, such as interacting with holographic interfaces and general computing from across the room – sans keyboard or mouse.

A video of an MIT Media Lab assistant researcher Pranav Mistry recently surfaced from a conference where he outlines very similar technology. You can check out the clip above.