Rumor: Apple to show off new iMacs soon

Apple is very close to showing off its new line of home computers.So say the all-seeing eyes of The site has cited “multiple sources” as saying that a refresh in the iMac lineup is “imminent.”

The report even claimed that it could be possible for Apple to unveil the new computer line next month, at the same event when it is expected to showcase the 7- or 8-inch iPad Mini.

While Apple’s computer line is no longer the most exciting part of the company, in terms of sales it remains as strong as ever. Mac computers also carry higher margins than iPods and iPhones, so they are more profitable for Apple at the point of purchase.

Because so many consumers are now getting into the world of Apple because of the iPhone and iPad, it has led to an increased level of interest for the iMac, but there of course remains a huge population of consumers who love their Apple mobile devices yet would never own a Mac.

And because computers are seen as functional devices these days as opposed to innovative, cool, hip products, whenever a new Mac is unveiled it is usually done with much less fanfare than an iPad or iPhone reveal.

The one thing that could make a new iMac lineup exciting is if the computers contained Apple’s super high resolution Retina Displays, but the speculation so far is that the technology isn’t quite there for the large size that would be mandated for a desktop computer.