Ice Screen is a 26-inch Android-powered smart TV

Tencent and TCL Multimedia recently debuted the Ice Screen, a slick 26-inch Android-powered smart TV.

According to the two companies, Ice Screen is focused around four core applications or uses: Large portable screen, high-speed video player, photo album and high definition video communications.


Frankly, I’m not certain why Ice Screen is officially classified as a mobile entertainment product, as this device doesn’t appear to have a battery-powered option. Then again, I guess you could call any device small and thin enough to be physically picked up and carried mobile – even if it does require an AC outlet to operate.

In any case, the resolution of the 26-inch screen is 1366 x 768. As noted above, the system is fully capable of browsing the Internet as well as streaming video, music, and video games using QQ services.

Ice Screen is powered by a dual-core ARM Cortex A9 unit clocked at 1 GHz. The smart TV also features a Mali 400 GPU and 4GB of RAM, while supporting memory cards up to 32 GB. Additional specs include integrated Wi-Fi, a pair of USB ports, HDMI output a 3.5 mm headphone jack and IR remote control.

The MSRP works out to approximately $315 in terms of US dollars, and the device can be pre-ordered in China now, with an official launch date set for September 3. This actually sounds like an interesting device to me, although it remains unclear if Ice Screen will be hitting US shores any time soon.