Commodore + Amiga + Mini = ?

Any geek that has been around since the 80’s will remember the Commodore 64 computer. Fortunately, the company is back on the market and recently debuted its first Commodore Amiga in 20 years.

The new Amiga may be small, but packs in impressively powerful hardware with a 3.5 GHz quad core Intel Core i7-2700K processor, 16 GB of RAM, Nvidia GeForce GT 430 graphics with one gigabyte of dedicated DDR 3.

The system can also be optioned with 1 TB of storage via a traditional hard drive or SSD in 300/600 GB capacity.

The Amiga Mini is housed in a slick case that reminds me a lot of something Apple would design – as it is sleek and made from seamless aluminum, measuring a cool 3 inches tall and 7.5 inches square.

The little computer is also equipped with a slot loading Blu-ray player, internal space for two more 2.5-inch HDD’s, dual Wi-Fi antennas and integrated Bluetooth. Geeks who recall the original Amiga will undoubtedly appreciate the embedded Amiga logo engraved on the front.

Commodore has also upgraded its C64X system with a new Intel D2700 dual-core 2.13 GHz CPU. The machine is now loaded with Nvidia GeForce GT 520 graphics, 4 GB of memory, and a 1.3 GB HD (300 or 600 GB SSD optional).

The retro style machine ships with a mechanical keyboard and integrated multi-card reader along with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, VGA, HDMI and DVI outputs. Last, but certainly not least, Commodore is offering a system dubbed the VIC Mini, which uses the small form factor enclosures from the Amiga Mini and is loaded with the same specs as the C64X.