Cryoscope tells you the temperature with a touch

There are a few common things we all deal with in our daily lives, no matter where we live. Take the weather, for example.

For many of us, one of the first things we think of after waking up in the morning is: what is the weather  like today? Sure, you can go and dig up the forecast using your smart phone, the TV, orr computer. Or, you could use a really cool device such as the one Robb Godshaw recently created called the Cryoscope.

Cryoscope from Robb Godshaw on Vimeo

The Cryoscope boasts hardware that is likely familiar to computer enthusiasts. At the top of the cube is a peltier element that sits on a heatsink. The device is also equipped with a cooling fan, as well as an RGB LED on the bottom. The outside of Cryoscope is an aluminum cube that sits over the works and conducts the heat and cold to its surface for the user to feel. The Cryoscop is controlled by an Arduino device that communicates with a web app for retrieving the weather forecast in your area.

All of those individual parts work together to make the Cryoscope’s aluminum cube the same temperature as the outdoors. Meaning, instead of looking at a thermometer that says 60°, you simply walk up and place your hand on the aluminum cube and feel the temperature. In addition, the LED on the bottom of the assembly also shows you – using color codes – if it’s warm or cold outside.

I think this would be awesome for parents with little kids who want to know what the temperature like outside, but don’t want to venture outdoors in case it’s too cold. I know the first thing my daughter asks me every day is what the weather will be like today. All she really wants to know is if she needs to wear a jacket, pants, or shorts. With one of these sitting in the kitchen, she could walk up and put her hand on it and know what she needed to wear for the day.