Video: Real-life Iron Man takes on fighter jets

Amazing. That’s the only word that describes the video footage of “Jet Man” Yves Rossy flying next to the Breitling Jet Team over the Swiss Alps.

The aviation daredevil channeled his inner Iron Man and jumped out of a helicopter with his jets ignited and soared through the sky while performing a few acrobatic maneuvers.


He also recreated the jet scene from the first film as his synchronized flight alongside the Breitling Jet Team resembles the aerial chase that was a major action scene in the 2008 release. To line up their flight paths the jets had to decrease their speed to 220 kilometers per hour (137 miles per hour). This meant that the jets’ engines came close to stalling.


While this latest display is the most amazing to date, Rossy has done a number of aerial tricks in the past. Some of his most notable maneuvers include flying the English Channel and doing a loop de loop around a hot-air balloon.


Rossy has been tinkering with single person jet pack-like crafts since 1993. The German company Jet-Cat supplies the engines he is using to power his jet wing.


Rossy practices constantly with his custom craft to get the most out of its ability. He is currently developing a new prototype version. He’s looking to make it smaller and give it power output.


The changes he has in mind are geared towards allowing it to take-off from the ground and giving it more maneuverability. Because what’s the point of making aviation history if you can’t maximize the ability to show off?