Hacked Archos 5 Internet tablet runs Maemo

An intrepid team of hackers has deployed openAOS dualboot to run Nokia’s Maemo on the Android-based Archos 5 Internet Tablet and Internet Media Tablet (IMT).

“For a happy, good, fun-time PROOF OF CONCEPT, here’s Maemo running on an Archos 5 IMT using openAOS dualboot,” Spz03737 explained in a YouTube video description. 

“This has [thus far] been tested on A5 Gen6 AND Gen7 devices. Thanks to dm8tbr, Gaap and others on [IRC] #openpma for this effort.”

According to SlashGear’s Chris Davies, performance is “actually pretty impressive,” especially on the Internet Tablet, which quickly loads Maemo and “whips” through the menus.

“[However], WiFi seems to be the main stumbling point right now, though, which could put a dampener on your Internet browsing,” cautioned Davies.

“[And] from a usability standpoint, you’re probably better off sticking with the native OS on the two MIDs.”

Nevertheless, Brad Linder of Liliputing opined that the hack was “really just getting started.”

“I suspect it won’t be too long until someone figures out a way to get the Maemo-toting Archos 5 connected to the Internet,” wrote Linder.

“With Maemo installed, you get a Mozilla-based web browser and the ability to run a number of Linux-based applications.”