Google Earth reveals Syrian missile base

A number of (relatively) recent satellite photos displayed on Google Earth indicate that the Syrian army has constructed a Scud missile base near Damascus.

According to Avi Scharf of Ha’aretz, the Adra military facility is located in a deep valley and surrounded by 400-meter-high mountains.

A series of concrete tunnels lead from the base into the mountains, where the Scuds are apparently stored.

It should be noted that Syrian President Bashar Assad is currently arming the Iranian-backed, Lebanese-based Hizballah with Scud missiles, along with the more lethal M-600 projectile (a Fateh-110 variant), which boasts a 300 kilometer range.

In addition, the London-based Sunday Times reported that weapons shipments originating from Iran were transported to Adara (via the Damascus airport) and subsequently transferred to Hizballah operatives.

“The long-range missiles Syria recently gave to Hizballah are just the tip of the iceberg,” IDF (Israel Defense Forces) Brig. Gen. Yossi Baidatz confirmed in May.

“[We know that] Hizballah already has thousands of rockets of all kinds and all ranges.”