GloFo & Samsung synchronize 28nm High-K Metal Gate chips

GloFo and Samsung are synchronizing their global semiconductor fabrication facilities to produce chips based on new high-performance and low-leakage 28nm High-K Metal Gate (HKMG) technology.

The latest tech has been specifically developed for mobile devices and offers a 60% active power reduction at the same frequency – or a 55% performance boost at the same leakage over 45nm low power (LP) SoC designs.

The above-mentioned agreement between GlobalFoundries and Samsung expands a previous deal clinched in 2010, when the two companies confirmed a fab synchronization based on low-power 28nm HKMG technology in collaboration with IBM and STMicroelectronics.  

According to a GloFo rep, high-performance synchronization essentially complements the low-power technology – extending the frequency of operation for high-performance smartphones, tablets, and notebook computers, while retaining ultra-low leakage transistors and memories to enable the long battery life required for mobile platforms.

As expected, synchronization will help ensure consistent production worldwide, enabling customer chip designs to be produced at multiple sources with no redesign required.