"Glasses free" 3D video camera spotted in China

A “glasses free” 3D video camera has reportedly surfaced on the tech-savvy Chinese street. 

“Rich, a giant of [the] Chinese domestic industry, developed the first video camera [in the country] to film in 3D. [But] there is still very little info on the camera, we only know [it] has a screen of 3.2 inches and 3D effects are directly observable from the screen,” explained a post on ChinITech.

”For the 3D effect, the camera uses two lenses positioned with a particular angle. The two images obtained are then processed to obtain this effect.”

Yes, 3D-enabled devices certainly seem to be all the rage in China these days.

Indeed, the electronics giant Haier recently introduced a slick, ultra-flat 3D TV measuring only 2.48 inches thick.

According to Haier, the versatile TV allows viewers to watch 3D content in 2D and vice versa.

The television also includes a WiFi module, along with a Mo-card designed to transform TVs into “multifunction” systems.

“Through a slot in the TV, you insert a disk which adds functionality. Haier has already developed several Mo-card like games (fitness and tennis) similar to the Wii [for which] you use the remote control as a joystick.

“But there are also other modules such as receiving news from the portal Sohu or the Mo-card Xunlei. Xunlei is downloadable software with a specific protocol like eMule, where you can legally download music, videos and films for free.”