Fusion-io and Fatal1ty launch ioXtreme for 64 bit systems

Los Angeles (CA) – Fusion-io and Johnathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel have launched the ioXtreme – a solid state storage device for high-performance computers running 64 bit operating systems. The unit reportedly “eliminates” application latency and delivers “the kind of storage performance once limited to the world’s fastest supercomputers.”

The ioXtreme PCI Express card reduces lag by “sitting” on the system bus and filling the performance gap between RAM and disk drives. It also adds 80 GB of non-volatile capacity, which exponentially accelerates input and output.

“I predict this technology will fundamentally change the way software is designed, allowing developers to create a new class of applications that seamlessly handle massive amounts of data,” spun Fatal1ty. “Imagine playing the most intense game, working on complex 3-D graphics, manipulating massive files, ripping multiple DVDs and installing a new application – all simultaneously.”  

The ioXtreme will be released in July and is expected to retail for $895.

It should also be noted that Fatal1ty and Creative have unveiled a new $100 gaming headset. The headset, which supports Silencer technology, utilizes two microphones to capture and screen out background noise.

Other features include:

  • Plush ear cups shaped for sound isolation.
  • Padded headband adjusts for a customized fit.  
  • Full spectrum (20Hz ~ 20kHz) 40mm neodymium drivers.
  • Oxygen-free copper cable and gold plated mini plugs.