FuseProject touts $75 concept tablet

FuseProject has unveiled a $75 XO-3 concept tablet. ??Although still in the design phase, the device is expected to feature an all plastic, semi-flexible screen that can be optimized in both transmissive and reflective modes.

“I wanted to bring the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) identity to life in this new form,” FuseProject founder Yves Behar told Forbes.

“That meant taking the visual complexity away, bringing tactility and friendliness, touch and color.”

Behar – who helped design the original XO “hundred-dollar laptop” – explained that he hoped to radically shrink the frame around the XO-3’s display and deploy a virtual keyboard.

“Nicholas [Negroponte] asked for something extremely simple and practically frameless. The media or content on the computer will be the prime visual element.”

However, Negroponte told Forbes that his company (OLPC) remained  focused on pressuring the industry to manufacture cheaper, more education-based PCs.
“We don’t necessarily need to build it. We just need to threaten to build it,” said Negroponte. “[And] we’re not a commercial operation. If we only achieve half of what we’re setting out to do, it could have very big consequences.”?

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