Forget the iPhone, China likes the Hi Phone

Chicago (IL) – Chinese people are flocking in their droves to buy a phone which looks so like the iPhone but is so much cheaper because it’s a counterfeit.

An article in the New York Times said the Hi-Phone has a familiar Apple logo and the salesman in Shenzhen the reporter talked to claimed it was just as good.

But it’s not just Apple which is suffering from a rash of counterfeiting, the article continues. Samsung, Nokia and Motorola are also widely copied and sold in stores.

A whole alternative supply chain exists to design and manufacture the knock off phones and a heap of other cellphones which don’t profess to do anything much apart from be extremely cheap devices.

The phones find their way to other territories including India, the Middle East, Europe and the States.

The handset manufacturers are making representations to the government in Beijing to clamp down on the manufacture and sales of the illegal devices, but so far the phone flood hasn’t been stopped. You can read more, here.