Evolved Machines fires up Nvidia Tesla supercomputer

Chicago (IL) – Evolved Machines said that it has powered on a new GPU-focused supercomputer, which runs on 42 Tesla C1060 cards as well as 14 quad-core AMD Phenom processors, which has a theoretical maximum performance capability of 40 TFlops.

The 42 Tesla cards consist of 10,080 processing cores. Combined with the 56 Phenom cores, the entire system has 10,136 processors that operate in parallel.

The actual performance of the system will depend on the application it runs and how optimized the software ends up to be. Evolved said that it will use the supercomputer to develop artificial neural circuits.
While a performance of 40 TFlops is much more a value for theory and may actually not be achieved in a real world scenario, it is interesting to note that this performance level represents the 84th fastest supercomputer in the world, beating Germany’s IBM BladeCenter HS21 Cluster, which runs on 3424 Intel Xeon 2.83 GHz cores.