E Ink debuts next-gen eReader display

E Ink has debuted a next-gen display for eReaders that offers a 50% improved contrast ratio, along with crisper images and text for outdoor reading. 

“Images and text become crisper as the contrast between the background and item of interest is increased. This allows for eReaders to go from a contrast ratio typical of newspapers, to a higher contrast ratio [associated with] paperback books,” explained E Ink Chairman Felix Ho.

“[That is why] text on [the] Pearl [display] literally ‘pops’ from the page – enabling a reading experience most similar to printed paper.”

Ho also noted that text and detailed graphics on an E Ink display remained sharp even when read outdoors.

“With 16 gray level depth, E Ink Pearl offers the sharpest rendering of images with smooth tones and rich detail.

“[In addition], E Ink is completely bi-stable, requiring no power to hold an image or page of text. [So], forget about bookmarks – an E Ink display holds pages for weeks or even months.”