Dyson develops world’s fastest motor

Wiltshire, UK – Dyson has developed a motor that it says spins ten times faster than the engine of a Boeing 747 aircraft – and the company’s putting it in vacuum cleaners.

The digital motor, DDM V2, has been developed specifically for energy efficient devices and will see its first application in Dyson’s handheld vacuum cleaners, DC30 and DC31. The company has taken out 15 new patents on the motor, which it claims is the fastest domestic motor in the world at 104,000rpm.

“Bigger motors don’t always equal better performance,” said founder James Dyson. “Our new digital motor is small, fast, efficient and tough. Its ability to control impeller speed and energy use puts it in a new class of clean motor.”

Conventional motors need carbon brushes that maintain permanent electrical contact with the spinning commutator, in order to complete the electrical circuit required to switch polarity and create torque. The friction involved means they consume more electrical energy, while generating less mechanical energy.

The new motor doesn’t use carbon brushes because it doesn’t rely on a closed electrical circuit through a commutator. There is no contact to the rotor – just a strong electromagnetic field generated by super-strength neodymium magnets. The polarity of this field is switched digitally by a microprocessor situated within the onboard power electronic circuit. 

The company claims the V2 is 84 percent energy efficient – twice as efficient as its carbon-brushed predecessor.