Dreamcast to include 56K modem

Sega Dreamcast is the first network-ready gaming console with a built-in modem as a standard feature, giving players more ways to play and communicate with fellow gamers.

The Sega Dreamcast Network, an online gaming network that will be available at launch, will expand the gameplay experience by offering consumers a highly interactive gaming environment with thousands of other gamers worldwide at any one time.

SegaSoft, creators of the HEAT.NET online gaming network, will provide the technology and infrastructure behind the Sega Dreamcast Network.

Following the launch, the Sega Dreamcast online gaming network will offer the off-road racing game “Sega Rally Championship 2,” and the medieval adventure game “Baldur’s Gate.” These games will be shortly followed by the mech-robot action/adventure game “Slave Zero,” and “Frontier,” a console-based massive multiplayer science fiction game which allows thousands of people to play in a persistent world at one time. The game is being developed in conjunction with Turbine Software Corp.

Sega of America’s World Wide Web site is located at http://www.sega.com.