DRAM makers bang DRAM shortage drum again

Manufacturers of dynamic random access memory (DRAM) are attempting to raise the price of modules yet again by predicting shortages of chips this year and next.

Taiwanese company Nanya told Digitimes that memory chips will rise throughout the rest of this year and there will be shortages during 2010.

The reason VP Pai Pei-Lin gave was that PC replacement demand will outpace capacity. The DRAM manufacturers, including Nanya, are hoping that DDR3 will replace DDR2 as a memory standard.

Many manufacturers had hoped that crossover to happen in 2009, but then something called the credit crunch persuaded customers not to go for it.

Pai, quoted in Digitimes, shows staggering optimism about the recovery of the DRAM market in 2010. He expects it to approach the peak it reached in 1995.