Disney netbook won’t make kids Goofy

Disney Consumer Products has teamed up with Asus and will release a netbook computer for children in July.

The Disney Netpal will come in two flavours in July, is designed for kids between six and 12, and will cost $350.

The models come in different colors – Disney Princess Pink and Disney Magic Blue. The pink may be for the boys because it’s got pink florals, and the blue for the girls because it’s got miniature Mickey Mouse icons.

The Netpal has 40 parental control options, an 8.9-inch display, wi-fi, Windows XP Home and “kid friendly software”.

Both models use Intel’s Atom N270 with the MK90 having less storage and weighing 1Kg compared to the MK90H’s 1.2Kg. The former model is being sold exclusively through Toys’r’Us shops.