Digital Storm’s Enix gets overclocked & Sandy Bridged

Digital Storm’s Enix rig is powered by Intel’s Sandy Bridge architecture and offers screaming overclocks of 4.7GHz+.

Boasting a vertically cooled chassis, the motherboard is neatly rotated 90 degrees, allowing the system to take full advantage of heat’s natural tendency to rise.

“The design of the Enix’s internal structure gives it numerous advantages over conventional desktop computers,” Rajeev Kuruppu told TG Daily in an e-mailed statement.

“For example, the Enix’s 90 degree motherboard rotation offers easy access to ports at the top of the chassis, eliminating the need to reach behind the computer to connect peripherals. Also, located at the top of the Enix is a hot-swap bay and two USB 3.0 ports.”

According to Kuruppu, the Enix can also be customized to fit a dual

GTX 580 configuration, giving it the versatility of being an elite gaming rig or high performance workstation.

“Enix’s design is a dramatic departure from any system we’ve ever built in the past. Accessibility to all the components is unparalleled and the vertically designed chassis keeps everything cool and quiet,” he said. 

”Couple that with an outrageously overclocked Sandy Bridge chip and you have one of the most efficient and powerful machines on the market.”

Digital Storm’s Enix is currently available here, with a base price starting at $1,132.