Digital Storm touts Fermi-powered gaming rig

Digital Storm has released a video showcasing its Fermi-powered Black|OPS gaming rig.

“With the integration of Nvidia’s GTX 470 and 480 GPUs, codenamed Fermi, gamers can now run the most graphic intensive applications on their Black|OPS machine and witness the most visually stunning gaming experience ever,” explained Digital Storm spokesperson Rajeev Kuruppu.

“Nvidia’s GTX 480 is without question the most powerful GPU ever built. The integration of these new cards into our Black|OPS platform (base price with GTX 480: $2,891) results in unprecedented graphical performance and truly the most visually immersive gaming experience ever.”

Meanwhile, CoolIT Systems has confirmed that its OMNI ALC graphics card liquid cooling solution will offer full support for Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 480 and GTX 470.

“When you pair the world’s fastest GPU with the first-ever universal GPU liquid cooling solution, the results are visually astonishing,” said CoolIT CEO Geoff Lyon.

“This combination will shatter benchmarks and deliver the most pulse-pounding graphics performance to date.”

As TG Daily previously reported, Nvidia’s GTX 470 and 480 GPUs were unveiled on March 26 at Pax East 2010 in front of a packed audience.

“There is no better venue than this to launch the GPU in front of you, the gamers! The GTX 480 is the best and most complex GPU we ever built. It is also the fastest on the planet,” Nvidia spokesperson Drew Henry stated enthusiastically.

“The GTX 480 features three billion transistors, which is what you would find in four Intel quad core i7 CPUs. It definitely lets you crank it up and blow shi*t up in style! It offers up to a 2.5X performance gaming increase compared to the GTX 285 and is capable of rendering interactive ray tracing in real time.”