Digital Storm debuts sub-zero liquid chilled rig

Digital Storm has debuted a sub-zero liquid chilled rig for hard-core gamers.

Dubbed Hailstorm, the tricked-out system safely unlocks overclocks of Intel’s i7-980X CPU up to 4.6GHz – while idling the processor below a frosty 0ºC.

“The sub-zero liquid chilled system delivers freezing liquid to the CPU, completely smothering any heat it encounters,” DS rep Rajeev Kuruppu told TG Daily in an e-mailed statement.

“At the core of the Sub-Zero is a series of TEC peltier coolers that work in conjunction with other high-end liquid cooling components.”

According to Kuruppu, hard-core gamers and overclockers seeking radically low temperatures were previously limited to bulky phase change systems to achieve maximum performance.

“But now enthusiasts can achieve unmatched overclocking potential with increased reliability, since the core of the system has no moving parts,” he added.

Digital Storm’s Hailstorm gaming PC is currently available at a cool base price of $3,900.