Digg founder claims Apple TV will "change everything"

Digg founder Kevin Rose is once again shilling for Steve Jobs and Apple. Yes, indeed, Rose is now claiming that Club Cupertino’s revamped set-top box – dubbed iTV – will change the world of television as we know it.

According to Rose, the new box will run Apple’s flagship iOS and carry a  $99 (yeah, right) price tag.

iTV is also expected to offer users access to a fully stocked app market complete with video sharing, streaming, recording, interactive news and yes, games.

“[And] with Apple’s iAds, content producers (ABC/NBC/etc) can directly monetize and distribute their content,” Rose wrote in a personal blog post.

“This will eventually destroy the television side of the cable and satellite industry, as your only requirement to access these on-demand stations will be an Internet connection. [So], say goodbye to your monthly cable bill.”

Rose added that iTV will feature MobileMe Picture/Video iPhone sharing, with the iPad turning into a “big, badass” remote, game controller and video editor. 

Meanwhile, Vern Seward of the Mac Observer opined that Apple TV was this year’s “800 pound, gotta-have gorilla.” 

“The family room is ripe for a big change and Apple is in the best position to take advantage of it. [Yes], this is a big deal for couch potatoes looking for a way to spend more meaningful sofa-time watching the stuff they want to watch instead of being force-fed a gazillion channels of mind numbing pablum.

“Movies, TV shows, podcasts, YouTube and other videos, along with personally generated content (photos, music, Web content) are all funneled through a set-top box that won’t cost a lot and can run inexpensive apps downloaded from the App Store. It’s a win-win for everyone, except maybe the cable folks.”