Dell tries to avoid paying up in LCD snafu

Taipei, Taiwan – Dell is trying to appease Taiwanese consumers threatening legal action over a pricing mistake.

It has said it will provide compensation in the form of coupons to costmers who expected to buy monitors at a fraction of their normal price – but at a far lower level than the disgruntled customers were expecting.

Dell advertised two LCD monitors at about a tenth or their normal price, at just NT$1,000 – about US$30. According to the Taipei Times, in the six hours before Dell corrected the prices, 26,000 Taiwanese placed orders online for 140,000 LCD monitors. But Dell now says it will compensate customers only to the tune of NT$1,000 to NT$3,000 (US$30-$90).

The move may not satisfy the government’s Consumer Protection Foundation. It recommended that Dell sell the monitors at the advertised price. The commission said in a statement that companies must honor all promises made in their promotional campaigns.

Those who ordered more than one unit should receive diminishing discounts on successive units, the commission said, adding that failure to do so would result in Dell facing a group legal action.