Dell Latitude Z charges wirelessly

Dell has unveiled its Latitude Z laptop. The high-end machine – which offers wireless docking and inductive charging – weighs 4.5 pounds with a four-cell battery.

The 16-inch Latitude Z also features a high-definition (1600×900) WLED display, along with a two megapixel camera that allows users to easily scan business cards and copy documents. In addition, the Latitude Z supports WLAN, Bluetooth and optional 3G WWAN mobile broadband.

According to Dell, the Intel Core 2 Duo powered Latitude Z is targeted at educators, attorneys and creative professionals.

“The Dell Latitude Z laptop combines a thin, lightweight design with full-featured functionality,” explained Creative Artists Agency CIO Michael Keithley.

“With a two solid-state drive option, a built-in camera, microphone array, and a large, gorgeous screen, it has pretty much everything you could want from an all-in-one mobile laptop.”

However, not everyone is enamored with the Latitude Z which boasts a hefty base price tag of $2,000. Indeed, PC World’s Jared Newman criticized the Latitude’s wireless charger, terming it an empty “wow” gesture.

“The Dell Latitude Z’s wireless charger may provide relief for a subset people who despise power bricks and cords, but for the rest of us, it’s an empty ‘wow’ gesture that most users won’t use,” opined Newman.

“For these privileges, you’ll pay an extra $200 on top of the Latitude Z’s base $2,000 price tag. For that money, I’d rather buy one or two more power cords, and plant them in the places where I use my laptop most.”