DDR3 memory shortage set to end

Samsung has decided to end the current shortage of DDR3 chips by maxing out its production.

Oh-Hyun Kwon, president of the company’s semiconductor business said that his outfit has aggressively increased output and as a result, current chip shortages are expected to ease.

According to Kwon DDR3 chip supply has tightened due to a faster-than-expected pickup in demand.

He told DigiTimes that Samsung is allocating more capacity to DDR3 in order to meet the demand.

The production being pushed is the 40nm process which will be Samsung’s main process technology for 2010, Kwon said. Over the next few months Samsung will look at improving technology rather than building new fabs as a way of increasing capacity.

Kwon said that demand was improving thanks to governments’ stimulus efforts to spur domestic demand.

Samsung will be more certain about the memory price trend after late November, but DRAM pricing has returned to “reasonable” levels, he added.