CUPP debuts ARM-x86 Hybrid PC

Have you ever dreamed of owning a rig that combined x86 and ARM architecture onto a single, seamless platform? Well, you can stop fantasizing, because switching between an ARM-based OS and Windows 7 is now as simple as pressing alt+tab.

Indeed, Cupp Computing has debuted a hybrid (demo) system that features a high performance x86 processor along with an ARM-based, low-sipping (RISC) chip.

As expected, the x86 processor runs Windows 7 Pro, while the ARM TI OMAP powers Ubuntu LXDE, Midori Web Browser and Gimp.

The demo system also offers full accessibility to all peripherals from both user modes – with the (majority of) ports shared actively between the two operating systems.

Additional specs include:

  • Platform – CISS (CUPP Integrated Southbridge Solution).
  • x86 config – Intel CoreDuo at 2.3 Ghz with 4GB RAM.
  • RISC config – ARM A8, TI OMAP 3430 at 720Mhz with 512MB RAM.
  • HDD – 320GB (shared).
  • Display – 16-inch LCD (shared).
  • Input devices – Keyboard and touchpad (shared).
  • Ports – 3 USB (shared).
  • HDMI out (shared).