CherryPal bridges digital divide with $99 netbook

CherryPal has bridged the wide digital divide with the launch of its $99 “Africa” netbook. ??The device – which is powered by a 400 MHz processor – features a 7 inch screen, 256MB of RAM and 2GB of flash memory.

“Living in Silicon Valley makes you blind. ‘Accra’ is not just in Ghana, it’s also here in the western world, in Michigan, in Ohio, in New York State, in California, literally everywhere,” company founder Max Seybold explained in an official blog post.

“There are still more than fifteen million Americans who can’t afford [their] own laptop, who have to go to a public library or live without access to the Internet at all, which is becoming increasingly difficult.”

According to Seybold, the device is not a “fancy system,” although it can run both Windows CE and Linux.

“It’s small, just a 7 [inch] screen, no thrills and admittedly not exactly fast, though good enough to browse the web,” said Seybold.

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