Brit tricksters do the monster mash

Berlin, Germany – German police have arrested one of two British men suspected of selling potatoes to gullible locals who believed they were getting laptops and mobile phones.

In a statement, the police said the men tricked around 40 people in two German states while driving around in a car with British number plates. The tricksters showed customers genuine laptops, convincing them to hand over cash then giving them laptop bags filled not with chips, but potatoes.

A shop owner kept an eye on the men and telephoned the police after becoming suspicious – he had read in the paper about swindlers in a right hand drive car – but the two men escaped. In Hildesheim, near Hannover, the two men were attempting to sell laptops to a group of people that included someone who had come across them before who rang the police.

When the police arrived, the men made a getaway, their root going through several red lights and endangering other road users. One 32 year old man was arrested after the chase, but the second was able to escape on foot despite being followed by a police helicopter.

Police are apeeling for the public to avoid the man as they believe he may be armed.  Presumably with a spud gun.

So far, no footage of the scam has appeared on YouTuber.