Breathable desserts are now on the menu

A world where lemon tart and chocolate soufflés aren’t wasteband expanding treats must be heaven. Or, you might just be in a laboratory tasting “breathable” desserts from a hookah-like contraption called Le Whaf.

When you’re on a diet, you often dream about how chocolate mousse or lemon tart would taste. You can almost feel the delicious treat coating your tongue as you sit at your desk, hungry, willing to trade in your arm for one bite of something sweet or salty.

Well now you can keep both arms and lose weight thanks to one Harvard genius and aerosol scientist Professor David Edwards.

In an interview with The Daily Mail, Edwards painted every dieter’s dream, an almost zero calorie dining experience.

“Imagine a restaurant where, instead of sitting at a table, you walk around,” he explained.

“Instead of eating food, you’re breathing it in as you walk from room to room, each with a ­different flavour. Celery in one. Steak in another. Then pate.”

To create the whaffed version of a food, whaf lovers must buy the liquidized version of that particular food, which contains specialized crystals called piezoelectric crystals, or “essences.”

When you load the liquidized food in the fishbowl-like Whaf, it will soon be filled with delicious scented flavor for only 200 calories an hour.

Unfortunately you can’t put your own favorite food in Le Whaf because it’s not liquidized. On a brighter note, you can indeed smoke alcohol.

Edwards has already had some success in the field with his invention of “Whifs,” the chocolate, coffee, or vitamin flavored tubes designed to satiate a sweet tooth in one puff without the calories. 

Edwards claims the machine will be on sale in France for less than $135 dollars.

“It’s great fun, too,’ says Edwards. “Plus, it’s an amuse bouche, a conversation starter. It’s a way of savouring the flavor of alcoholic drinks without getting drunk. Most of all, it’s a way for ­foodies to savor flavours.”

What’s next, portable whaffers you can bring to a bar or restaurant for a calorie free date?

Puff, puff! Pass the pastry please!