Boeing upgrades 737 jet

Seattle (WA) – All those commuters out there may be happy to hear that Boeing is bringing its good old 737 airliner up to date.  The new 737-800 will get an interior design that is reminiscent of the design found in the upcoming 787. There are some engine upgrades to make the plane more fuel-efficient as well.

Some readers may actually know that the 737 has been around for quite some time. Its original design had its maiden flight back in 1967 and has tuned into the most successful single-aisle commercial jet. Boeing today said that the next generation 737 will receive some interior upgrades from the 787, such as newly sculpted sidewalls and blue accent lighting.

There are larger overhead stowage bins, new reading light switches, speakers that are integrated into each row’s passenger-service unit and a redesigned air vent. Boeing said that new materials reduce the noise in the cabin and the overall design adds extra legroom for passengers. But somehow we feel that United & Co. will find ways to eliminate that leg room and squeeze a few extra seating rows into that cabin.

The new plane is expected to be flying by 2011 and when it is available it will feature structural improvements will reduce drag on the airplane – and fuel consumption by about 1%, Boeing said. Engine supplier CFM said that hardware changes will make its engines 1% more efficient than today’s models.